• Retained/ Contingency Search

    We have a global database of over 50,000+ connections with a strong network of extraordinary candidates who are out-of-market and working exclusively with us. We strive to identify not only the demands, qualifications, expectations, and responsibilities of the position to be filled, but also the client’s longer-term goals, organizational structure, and culture.

    Our experience in the sector allows us to quickly grasp client needs and business drivers. We know that clients not only want a good quality and well researched shortlist but also detailed information on the market place.

    We are skilled at connecting with sources and candidates to discuss opportunities, and generate both interest and ideas. The combination of our reputation, individual and collective experience base, and vast professional network ensures that our calls will be taken and messages will be returned. In essence we get the candidates in front of you no one else can.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (On-site or Off-site)

    Our On-site RPO solution consists of a team of recruiters placed on your premises. The benefit of this solution is that the recruiters will get first-hand experience of your company’s culture and environment, giving them a better understanding of who would fit in. Our recruiters will also be able to facilitate all first-time interviews, referring only the most suitable candidates to your HR department.

    Our Off-site RPO solution consists of a team of client-focused recruiters placed on our premises. The team will be in daily contact with your HR department, communicating progress.

  • Market Mapping

    While most commonly associated with our retained/ contingency executive search services, our internal research teams are also commissioned by clients for stand-alone mapping projects. Clients often wish to understand either a geographic market or an industry sector before making a long-term strategic investment.

    Our research services can provide target maps of companies, profiles of competitors and individuals in the form of long lists or highlight potential investment opportunities for our clients.

  • Strategic Business Advisory & HR Solutions

    Our specialist team provides strategic business advisory and HR solutions to publicly listed companies, private companies, multinational corporations and government-linked entities.

    We help organizations across Asia Pacific and beyond build capabilities in strategic planning and execution by identifying and anticipating potential HR risks, and sharing comprehensive expertise in business management.